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Muscat Home Cleaning Services

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Muscat Home is one of the leading cleaning service providers in Muscat. Our team is mainly focused in the Muscat area providing all the cleaning such as buildings, offices, ministry, houses, compounds, and rented villas.

Muscat Home have various contracts to suit all needs and businesses in the capital.

We provide:

1. Building cleaning services on a daily basis.

2. Building 24/7 in housekeeper.

3. Home throughout cleaning.

4. Deep kitchen cleaning.

5. Garden cleaning services.

6. Garden work and planting tree.

7. Corporate cleaning services.

8. Business cleaning services.

9. Clinic cleaning services including chemicals when required.

10. Hospital cleaning services.

11. Deep cleaning services.

12. Residential cleaning services.

13. Carpet cleaning services.

14. Marble polishing.

15. Tiles polishing.

16. Painting.

For example, Muscat Home provides a throughout kitchen cleaning in Muscat. The kitchen is the center of the home, the kitchen is where the action happens, the kitchen is the central part of each home. At Muscat home we pay attention to the details, our specialized personnel are equipped with everything needed to clean the obvious such as sink, shelves, drawer, tiles and the unseen dirt such as pipes, under the fridge, freezer, and etc. Muscat Home believes the kitchen should be kept clean all the time. The kitchen is the place where all the germs accumulate, and it is the place where our children can easily catch microbes.

In a normal day to day life, we tend to rush, we tend to forget, and we leave things piled up, from expired food, to unwanted items in the fridge, to unclean dishes. At Muscat Home we focus on the details and we don't leave anything for chances.

Muscat Home has a checklist and will arrange your kitchen with a storage facility and container and will even shop these storage items for you. Muscat Home takes care of their client so the clients can take care of other important things at home.

Muscat Home will clean the microwave inside out. Muscat Home will clean the oven, remove the grease, and even polish it so it looks like new. Muscat Home will clean and polish stove top. Muscat Home will polish and fix the wooden cabinet as well.

All our cleaning personnel are trained, clean and well spoken. They take care of themselves so they can take care of you. Muscat Home believes hygiene starts from self then to others, if you are not clean, then how will you expect to take care of others.

Muscat Home also provides professional cleaning services for offices. We provide cleaners on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. Muscat Homes have contracts to suit all business levels and needs.

Muscat Home provides office job cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, washroom cleaning, window cleaning, sofa cleaning, desk cleaning, rubbish removal, pantry cleaning and many more. If you need any assistance in Muscat for your office cleaning please do not hesitate to contact us.

Muscat Home also provides school and nursery cleaning, this includes throughout cleaning all the classroom, playroom, washroom, labs, library, desks and chairs, corridors, stairs. Our school cleaning service is per contractual basis. We dust off all the places including web removal, emptying the trash bin, removing all garbage in school, cleaning the canteen spaces, cleaning and sanitizing floors, tables, and utilities. Please contact us for any assistance, one of the Muscat Home personnel will visit the school and provide you the best quotation in the market.

Muscat Home also provides cleaning service for all medical services such as clinic, hospital, dental and specialized medical services. We are specialized in cleaning all levels, including special chemicals if needed. We make sure the floor and the washroom is kept clean throughout the day, please make sure to contact us if your clinic in Muscat requires any service cleaning job.

Are you moving in or moving out from Muscat? Don't worry we know it is stressful, Muscat Home will make sure your lovely home is clean pre and post move. We will make sure your home is clean disinfected, floor polish, cupboard clean before you move in the day. Muscat home will help you pack and unpack, Muscat Home will provide you with boxes and any items to make your moving in or moving out in Muscat easy and at most effective.

Are you renting your property on a regular basis, either daily, weekly, or monthly? Don’t worry Muscat Home will take care of your property cleaning on a regular basis, Muscat Home will also manage your property via our affiliated company Muscat Home Real Estate.

Why choose Muscat Home? We are trustworthy, we do a clean job at an affordable price, we take care of our environment by minimizing the chemical used. Muscat Home is very convenient, all you have to do is call or book via our app and our personnel will contact you to know the issues and will be there to fix your problems.