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Address: Muscat, Oman.


Best ac Service & Repair In Muscat, Oman

With the increasing temperature, the need for ac service in Muscat is becoming paramount as it is in regular use. Air conditioners are a constant need in such hot and humid weather. To keep your ac from causing any discomfort to your family, you must get timely service done for your ac.

Why do you need an ac service & repair?

Rising pollution in the environment makes you vulnerable to breathing problems. You consider your house to be a heaven where you can breathe peacefully. However, if your ac gets blocked with soot, filth, or bacteria, it causes many health problems. Hence, you must get timely ac repair & service in Muscat. having a professional by your side leaves you tension free. Some of the best painters in Muscat are available that can enhance the complete attire of your room.

Why choose Muscat Home?

Muscat Home provides ac maintenance in Oman services where our professionals serve you in ac maintenance. When your ac gives out a poor airflow, it's a signal to get it repaired.

Our professionals are one call away from your ac repair in Muscat. We have a committed team of professionals who are skilled in maintaining the quality of your appliances. Issues with your air conditioner can be resolved with the help of your experts. Also, we charge a very nominal price for our service. We are one of the leading agencies among the ac service agencies in Muscat.

What do our services include?

Muscat Home is devoted to providing its customers with the best ac service in Muscat. For that, we make sure that we cover every aspect of repairs and service including,

● Installing and uninstalling services
● Repairs services
● Regular check-ups
● Gas refilling service
● Changing condensers and coils
● Fixing water leakage issues

If you are thinking of booking an ac service online in Oman, Muscat home is the right choice! Muscat Home has a team of experts who have been undertaking such operations for years. They are highly adept technicians and deliver satisfactory services. Also, every day, they spend their time carrying through heaps of ac service in Muscat. Experts of ac maintenance in Oman from Muscat Home have all the necessary types of equipment for the purpose.


● We make use of the latest technology to ensure cost-effective service. Muscat Home is a top agency among all the ac service agencies Muscat which fits in your budget.
● We offer you the liberty of booking a time slot of your choice.
● Our experts strive to deliver the best service for your air conditioner in Muscat.

Muscat Home has an option for you to enter into an ac annual maintenance contract. As Under this contract, our experts will be bound to have your air conditioner checked when it is required. They will make all the repairs and services to your ac as per the contract whenever required.

How can you book your ac service & repair from Muscat Home?

It is straightforward to book an on-demand ac service from Muscat Home. You only have to provide us certain information like,

Type and number of ac’s

Our experts are skilled in split, duct and Window acs. To get servicing for your air conditioner, you can get in touch with us. Muscat Home is a predominant agency for rendering services and ac maintenance Muscat people can afford. All we need is the proper detailing of the number and type of ac’s from the customer’s end.

Type of service

What does your ac require? Is it gas refilling? It could be filled with dust and dirt for all you know! Let us know what you want. Our experts will take care of the rest.

Your choice of time

Let us know the time when you want us to service or repair your air conditioner in Oman. Muscat Home experts are available at your service throughout the day. You can book your preferred time slot.

Our experts will reach out to you at your prescribed location

After providing us with all the required details, our experts will reach out to you. ac maintenance Oman experts from Muscat Home will visit the place at the time slot that you have chosen.


1. How long will it take to install my air conditioner?

It depends entirely on the type of air conditioner and the skills of the expert. It varies from 2 to 5 hours. However, ac repair Muscat experts at Muscat Home ensure that minimum time is involved in the installation.

2. I am allergic to dust. Should I leave the room while the experts are cleaning the ac?

The team of ac service Muscat, is highly skilled and careful about the work and that is why they use covers to avoid dust and water spilling. Hence you need not to leave the room while cleaning.

3. How can I pay for the services that I take?

We accept payments through bank transfers. You can also make use of the option of entering into an HVac maintenance contract. As per this contract, you can avail the annual servicing of your air conditioners.

4. Is there a specific mode to book the servicing?

It is up to you and your convenience, which mode you choose. You can book from our site or contact us via calling us at +968 9503 1616.

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