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Muscat Home Cleaning Services

cleaning services

Muscat Home is one of the leading cleaning service providers in Muscat. Our team is mainly focused in the Muscat area providing all the cleaning such as buildings, offices, ministry, houses, compounds, and rented villas.

Muscat Home have various contracts to suit all needs and businesses in the capital.

We provide:

1. Building cleaning services on a daily basis.

2. Building 24/7 in housekeeper.

3. Home throughout cleaning.

4. Deep kitchen cleaning.

5. Garden cleaning services.

6. Garden work and planting tree.

7. Corporate cleaning services.

8. Business cleaning services.

9. Clinic cleaning services including chemicals when required.

10. Hospital cleaning services.

11. Deep cleaning services.

12. Residential cleaning services.

13. Carpet cleaning services.

14. Marble polishing.

15. Tiles polishing.

16. Painting.

For example, Muscat Home provides a throughout kitchen cleaning in Muscat. The kitchen is the center of the home, the kitchen is where the action happens, the kitchen is the central part of each home. At Muscat home we pay attention to the details, our specialized personnel are equipped with everything needed to clean the obvious such as sink, shelves, drawer, tiles and the unseen dirt such as pipes, under the fridge, freezer, and etc. Muscat Home believes the kitchen should be kept clean all the time. The kitchen is the place where all the germs accumulate, and it is the place where our children can easily catch microbes.

In a normal day to day life, we tend to rush, we tend to forget, and we leave things piled up, from expired food, to unwanted items in the fridge, to unclean dishes. At Muscat Home we focus on the details and we don't leave anything for chances.

Muscat Home has a checklist and will arrange your kitchen with a storage facility and container and will even shop these storage items for you. Muscat Home takes care of their client so the clients can take care of other important things at home.

Muscat Home will clean the microwave inside out. Muscat Home will clean the oven, remove the grease, and even polish it so it looks like new. Muscat Home will clean and polish stove top. Muscat Home will polish and fix the wooden cabinet as well.

All our cleaning personnel are trained, clean and well spoken. They take care of themselves so they can take care of you. Muscat Home believes hygiene starts from self then to others, if you are not clean, then how will you expect to take care of others.

Muscat Home also provides professional cleaning services for offices. We provide cleaners on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. Muscat Homes have contracts to suit all business levels and needs.

Muscat Home provides office job cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, washroom cleaning, window cleaning, sofa cleaning, desk cleaning, rubbish removal, pantry cleaning and many more. If you need any assistance in Muscat for your office cleaning please do not hesitate to contact us.

Muscat Home also provides school and nursery cleaning, this includes throughout cleaning all the classroom, playroom, washroom, labs, library, desks and chairs, corridors, stairs. Our school cleaning service is per contractual basis. We dust off all the places including web removal, emptying the trash bin, removing all garbage in school, cleaning the canteen spaces, cleaning and sanitizing floors, tables, and utilities. Please contact us for any assistance, one of the Muscat Home personnel will visit the school and provide you the best quotation in the market.

Muscat Home also provides cleaning service for all medical services such as clinic, hospital, dental and specialized medical services. We are specialized in cleaning all levels, including special chemicals if needed. We make sure the floor and the washroom is kept clean throughout the day, please make sure to contact us if your clinic in Muscat requires any service cleaning job.

Are you moving in or moving out from Muscat? Don't worry we know it is stressful, Muscat Home will make sure your lovely home is clean pre and post move. We will make sure your home is clean disinfected, floor polish, cupboard clean before you move in the day. Muscat home will help you pack and unpack, Muscat Home will provide you with boxes and any items to make your moving in or moving out in Muscat easy and at most effective.

Are you renting your property on a regular basis, either daily, weekly, or monthly? Don’t worry Muscat Home will take care of your property cleaning on a regular basis, Muscat Home will also manage your property via our affiliated company Muscat Home Real Estate.

Why choose Muscat Home? We are trustworthy, we do a clean job at an affordable price, we take care of our environment by minimizing the chemical used. Muscat Home is very convenient, all you have to do is call or book via our app and our personnel will contact you to know the issues and will be there to fix your problems.

Best Cleaning Services in Muscat, Oman

Do you know that regularly cleaning your home helps have a healthy life? Getting a maintenance company in Oman for your homes is vital so that you and your loved ones can live a germs free life. There is no doubt to the fact that a hygienic house is a symbol of a healthy life and thus we all must promote healthy living inside our homes.

We at Muscat Home assist homeowners in keeping their homes look neat and clean always by offering unmatched housekeeping services in Muscat. We are known for offering the best cleaning services in Muscat and since many years are helping all the homeowners in lowering the overall monthly budget by making affordable home cleaning accessible to them.

What includes in house cleaning services in Oman

Regular cleaning of homes makes sure that you and your entire family is living a safe and hygienic life. Our cleaning experts offer diversified cleaning services that let you get involved in other more important tasks rather than doing the entire cleaning process yourself. We satisfy the needs of all the people who look for the cleaning companies in Muscat.

Types of cleaning services delivered by Muscat Home

A list of specialized cleaning services offered by us include:

• Basic House Cleaning: Our basic house cleaning services in Muscat include general house cleaning jobs that need to be done on a timely basis. From mopping, vacuuming, dusting to sweeping, you can check out websites to know more about the services offered by us.

• Deep Cleaning: This is quite a more comprehensive cleaning as compared to basic cleaning. Some of the kinds of services offered by us include washing cabinets, vacuuming upholstery, cleaning the oven, ceiling fan blades, etc. We suggest deep cleaning directly to our customers who never had professional home cleaning done in the past.

• Sanitization Services: Sanitizing homes and offices is vital and all people must get their residential and commercial sanitized to kill all the germs.

• Ceiling and Wall Cleaning: Ceiling and wall cleaning is a part of general house cleaning and taking services will help you get rid of dirt, oil, and other grime which is present on the walls.

• Blind Cleaning: Another kind of service offered by us is the cleaning of blinds, whether you have aluminum, wooden, or some other kinds of blinds, they can easily get attracted by the dust. So make sure you get the best professional housekeeping services in Muscat from the experts like us who have the right equipment to do the task.

• Curtain Cleaning: Our curtain cleaning services include using different kinds of methods for cleaning the curtains. One of the methods used by us include dry cleaning where one does not have to remove the curtains to get it cleaned.

• Carpet Cleaning: Different ways adopted by us for carpet cleaning include steam cleaning, carpet repairs, and other. Based on the needs and requirements of the clients, we offer highly customized services at the most affordable rates.

• Office Cleaning: Our commercial cleaning service includes cleaning work areas, lobby, restrooms, kitchens, cafeteria, among other places that are visited by the employees.

In addition to this some other urgent home and flat cleaning services in muscat delivered by us include:

• Carpet Cleaning

• Sofa cleaning services in Muscat

• Upholstery Cleaning

• Maid for cleaning services in Muscat

• Disaster Cleaning and Restoration

• Window Cleaning

• Restroom Cleaning

• Chimney Sweeping, etc.

Muscat Home offers the best Cleaning Services in Muscat, Oman

There are many kinds of cleaning services to choose from, whether you have shifted to a newer place or want regular cleaning done professionally, you can trust us for charging a fair price for the work. No matter which service (s) you select at Muscat Home, you will get the best rates which no one else can offer to you.

Professional Cleaning Service promotes a healthier living and creates a positive Environment at home and work. Nowadays Bacteria, allergens and germs are scattered everywhere and they are one of the main causes of spreading illness. Touching desks, kitchen, sofas, etc. where germs are already present can make you ill. Thus it is important to take professional cleaning services as it helps improve the health of your loved ones and lowers the chances of occurrence of bacteria, germs, and allergens.

For more details related to home maintenance in Oman, get in touch with our professionals who are the experts at the best cleaning services companies in Oman.

Why choose Muscat Cleaning service:

Muscat Home stays committed to make the world a cleaner and healthier place to live. Whether you want to get professional cleaning for your commercial or house cleaning services in Oman, we are ready to deliver tailor-made solutions using the latest technology.

1. Filipino staff: Our primary concern is to make the best staff accessible to you, we have a team of Filipino staff who takes care of all the needs and have a customer focused approach. Our Filipino staff is quite down to Earth and ready to offer the best services exactly the way you want.

2. Team highly trained on Standard Protocols: We have a well-trained team of housekeeping staff for professional cleaning and sterilizing who work for different clients. All housekeeping staff and supervisors dress up smartly so that you can enjoy professional cleaning. All the team members have gone through extensive training sessions and they all follow the Standard Protocols while working at the clients’ place .

3. Minimum rates: Rather than charging a whopping amount from the customers, we ensure that we quote the lowest rates so that everyone can afford professional cleaning. By getting in touch with us, you don’t have to pay any unwanted cost.

4. We use non toxic cleaning products: We use different kinds of cleaning products for offering deep cleaning and other related services at your doorsteps. We use the finest quality cleaning products that ensure maximum hygienic and ensure all the environmental norms as well.

5. Long lasting relationship: Once you choose our maintenance package, you will be assigned with one member of our coordinating team who will be your single point of contact for all your queries and requirements. We aimed at establishing a long term partnership with our customers rather than offering one time service.

The requirement of home cleaning in Muscat is something which is increasing day by day mainly due to increasing impurities, germs, etc. in the environment. Thus get the cleaning experts in Muscat, Muscat Maids, at the lowest rates.

Process to get these services in Muscat

Since we have deployed an extensively efficient and transparent system aimed at monitoring the progress of work on behalf of our clients, so you will not face any difficulty while choosing our services. For all the customers who have busy and hectic schedules over the weekdays, we offer weekend services as well. In case you want deep cleaning, office cleaning, floor enhancement, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, or something else, you are advised to get in contact with us at the earliest to enjoy some smart deals and discounts.

You can decide the kind of service (s) you want, and get in touch with us via a phone call (for quicker response), our coordinating team will assist you. We deliver tailor-made services, based on your preferred timings, location, etc. Locations where home cleaning services Muscat are offered, include:

. Muscat

. Suhar

. Salalah

. Nizwa

. Sur

. Buraimi

. Ibra

And at others locations as well.

At Muscat Home, for all the flat cleaning services in Oman, we organise training sessions for our staff and our coordinating team briefs them about the task and how it needs to be done. Correct ways of cleaning the fixtures and furniture, sofa, carpet, floors etc., are introduced to the staff so that place can remain in a healthy and pristine condition for a much longer period.

We take affordable rates for quality air conditioning services in Oman

We strongly believe that it's all the way we do the cleaning work that makes a great difference between good and great work. For us no work is small or big, our working philosophy to deliver the best at the lowest rates is something embedded in our DNA. We use the best of cleaning techniques and equipment so the overall cost can be reduced significantly. Selection of the best machines, tools and cleaning agents is something that sets us apart from others.

The charges taken by us are quite low in comparison to the whopping amount charged by others. At Muscat Home, the minimum charge for cleaning services near me work starts from 7 OMR. For more information in regard to the services, solutions, quotes, etc. give us a call on 9503 1616.


List some of the benefits of professional cleaning Services in Oman?

Managing other operations inside a home is not an easy task, rather than worrying about routine chores like vacuuming, moping, etc. professional cleaning allows you to focus on other more important tasks. Some of the benefits of getting professional cleaning services in Oman include:

• Promotes healthier environment

• Helps leave an everlasting impression on guests

• Less hassle

• Accommodates your hectic schedule

• Professionals use the right kinds of equipment

What kind of cleaning services in Oman do you guys offer?

Some of the services offered by our experts include:

• Sanitization services

• Home cleaning

• Deep cleaning

• Kitchen cleaning

• Washroom cleaning

• Maintenance

Are Muscat home cleaning services worthy?

If you clean your home regularly but don’t get the desired results or in another case you don’t have the time to clean the place yourself, then using professional cleaning services in Muscat are worth it. In case you look to appoint a trustworthy and professional cleaning company that can make the place safe and protected from all kinds of germs, then we would be thrilled to help you out.

How much am I supposed to pay for the cleaning service near me?

With Muscat Home, you can always get the best house cleaning services in Muscat that helps make your home look fresh and healthier. At Muscat Home, the minimum charge for basic work starts from 7 OMR. You can get in touch with us so that you don’t miss out some attractive deals and offers.

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