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Professional Maid Services in Oman

Are you looking for some external help for getting the household work done effectively? If yes, then you can get a household maid in Muscat by getting in touch with Muscat Home. Basic tasks done by the maids include vacuuming, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, dusting, mopping, surface cleaning, etc. thus ensuring a clean, neat and tidy home. But in addition to this, we provide all kinds of Filipino maids who are expert House Maids, Caretakers, can do Elderly and child care, are amazing Cooks, Babysitters, and much more.

If you want the best home cleaning service in Muscat then look around no further than Muscat Home. We have been specified in creating clean and mess free homes since ages. We provide reliable, honest and best quality maid services to homes all over the Muscat. When appointing a housekeeper for your home, you must specify your expectations to us over the phone so that we can assign the best maids to you.

Having a maid in Muscat by contacting Muscathome housemaid agency Oman is much more than just comfort and convenience, rather it helps improve your standard of living as well as maids will help do every work exactly the way you want.

What includes in house cleaning services Oman

Keeping the home clean at the residence places to make sure that it meets any housekeeping sanitation requirements is important. Our housemaid Oman apart from cleaning the home, will take care of your home just the way you do. Thus we are able to satisfy the needs of all the people who look to get housemaid services in Oman Muscat.

Kind of services delivered by maids linked at Muscat Home

A list of specialized cleaning services offered by us include:

1. Dusting and polishing furniture

2. Sanitization of toilets

3. Maintaining clean and organized kitchens

4. Making beds and changing linens

5. Washing windows

6. Vacuuming and cleaning carpets and rugs

7. Sweeping, and mopping the floors

8. Washing and drying of clothes

9. Ironing clothing items

10. Using any cleaning equipment such as vacuums, mops, and other cleaning tools

11. Keeping bathrooms clean with linens and other eco-friendly supplies

12. Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces

13. Emptying trash receptacles and disposing of waste

14. Steaming and cleaning draperies

15. Washing blinds

16. Cleaning the rooms

17. Checking cleaning supplies and ordering more if required

18. Reporting any necessary repairs or replacements

Our entire range of services are designed for you. From the time you get in touch with us till the time you are using the housemaid Oman from Muscat Home Manpower, you can have the peace of mind. Your complete satisfaction is our top-most priority, which we never compromise at any cost. We'll make the best Filipino maid available to you at the earliest.

In addition to this we have highly qualified caretaker whose job responsibilities include:

Elderly caretakers help provide immediate assistance needed by the people. Our highly trained caretakers do different kinds of tasks including helping elderly people get dressed, eat, bathe and complete some of the minor housekeeping duties as likes including dishes or folding laundry. Preparing or monitoring meals. Caretakers are the best companionship for elderly individuals and help them in sharing their thoughts and ideas. You can get professional caretakers who know the basic task of monitoring patients’ pulses, respiration and temperature.

Muscat Home Offers The best maid Services in Muscat Oman

For the majority of the people, the main aim of selecting maid services is to get some helping hand in getting the daily task done. Having a full-time maid trustworthy maid to look after your house is a blessing and they prove to be an asset especially when guests arrive at your place. By appointing a maid for your home, you don’t have to worry about anything as the entire household task like cooking, cleaning, dusting and much more can be done efficiently.

For more details related to maid services Oman get in touch with our highly professional experts.

Why choose Muscat Home Manpower Services for Maid:

Muscat Home stays committed to make your home neat and organized always. Whether you want to get House Maids, Caretakers, Elderly care, Home nurses, or maid for some other work, we are ready to make the best maid accessible.

Some of our active maids have been associated with us for many years. Our main concern is to make the best staff accessible to you, thus we appoint only Filipino staff as they are well-educated, highly trained and know the skills of doing their way in an effective manner.

We follow an extensive selection process before sending maids to your homes.

Many other cleaning firms might send different cleaners/teams of maids to your property at each visit, but we ensure that we make the best and most deserving maids available to you in the first go only.

We don’t believe in taking a huge amount from the home owners looking for Child care, Cooks, Babysitters, Cleaners, etc. rather we quote the lowest rates so that deals get finalized in one go only. By getting in touch with us, you don’t have to pay any unwanted cost.

Once you decide to get housemaid services in Oman Muscat use Muscathome Manpower for housemaid in Muscat, we leave no stone untouched in ensuring maximum satisfaction. Our team aims at making long-term relations with the customers rather than creating sour and short term relationships.

With years of experience in the domestic cleaning industry, we have wider availability of maids for getting the daily task. Thus we are one stop destination for getting maid services in Muscat at an affordable price.

Process to get maid services in Muscat Oman

To get the best maids in Muscat for your home, you need to meet some of the terms and conditions.

1. You need to provide a salary certificate (house income must be more than 350 Oman Rials).

2. You need to produce Maazooniya or a letter of acceptance from the Ministry of Labour which will be provided at the Sanad Office (the cost is 140 Oman Rials and it is valid for 6 month).

3. Visas must be issued from the Royal Oman Police Visa Section.

You can decide the kind of maid service (s) you require, and we will complete the paperwork on your behalf. We deliver tailor-made services, based on your preferred timings, location, etc. Locations where maid services Muscat are offered include:

• Muscat

• Suhar

• Salalah

• Nizwa

• Sur

• Buraimi

• Ibra

And at others locations as well.

At Muscat Home, we firmly believe that selecting a maid is not an easy process. Since the maid will be part of the family who will be involved in taking care of the children, and loved ones, so we expect that you give them the best treatment they deserve. We make the best and highly trained maids available for the job in Muscat, we do detailed interviews, and make sure that they are qualified and own the required skills needed to get the job done in the right manner.

We have loyal maid for Muscat people

We have different aged group maids linked with us, but we highly suggest to appoint a maid anywhere between the age of 30 – 40 years, who has some experience. Cooking skills can be developed and she can learn to make Arabic cuisine, but loyalty is something which is inherited. Since she will be taking care of your work all the time and will be living with your family members, trust is the most important. Filipino maids associated with us are of caring nature, have good communication skills, are enthusiastic, and stay motivated while doing all the household work.

Once you have selected our maid, you are supposed to pay a 30% deposit fee either in cash or bank transfer in Oman or at our office in AL Khuwair. Once we have received the amount, we will initiate the process which takes close to 3 – 4 weeks. The charges taken by us are quite low in comparison to hefty amounts charged by others. As per the Embassy of the Philippines’ Regulation, Maid’s salary starts from 160 Oman Rials per Month and for other countries it varies according to their rules & regulations.


Is your maid expert in regular cleaning tak?

Without having a maid for your home, sometimes it becomes difficult for housekeepers to manage all the work themselves. From cleaning the kitchen to bathrooms to keeping furniture cleaned from all kinds of dust and floors, and other cleaning activities, you can depend upon them for all the work. In case you look for the full time maids who can manage everything from cleaning to cooking to caretaking to much more, get in touch with us right away.

What kind of services are provided by a housemaid agency in Muscat?

Some of the kind of services offered by our experts include:

• Dusting and cleaning the furniture

• Maintaining clean kitchens

• Changing bed sheets and linens

• Washing windows

• Vacuuming the carpets and rugs

• Sweeping and cleaning hard floors

• Washing and folding laundry

• Washroom cleaning

• Maintenance

Are Muscat Home Manpower Services worthy?

In case you want a stress-free and easier life, then appointing a maid is definitely worthy. Taking care of the household is surely not an easy task and all members of the family have their own roles and responsibilities. All the responsibility thus falls on all the homeowners, which makes you feel stressed. So to deal with these kinds of situations, you must appoint a maid for the house who can take care of all the regular tasks and let you have a stress-free life.

What are some of the requirements to get Filipino house maid in Muscat?

With Muscat Home, the entire task of getting maids is quite easy. Some of the processes include Registration with Philippines Overseas Employment Agency, Medical Checkup of maids, etc. And for more information, call us on 9503 1616.


*The sponsors or clients will provide monthly salary +Food+ Accommodation + Tickets (1 weekly off) (2 years visa + medical)

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