Comprehensive Building Contract Maintenance in Muscat

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Comprehensive Building Contract Maintenance in Muscat


Muscat Home Services & Real Estate offers comprehensive building maintenance in Muscat - Oman. The contract includes:

1. Collecting rent from tenants.
2. Making sure the water and electrical bills are paid on time.
3. Provide a watchman 24/7.
4. Make sure the entrance and corridors are clean.
5. Clean and maintain all the common grounds on a daily basis.
6. Make sure the lift is working.
7. Make sure the lift is clean.
8. Make sure the stairs are cleaned on a daily basis.
9. Remove all the garbage.
10. Make sure none of the tenants are violating any building rules and regulations.
11. Make sure the car parking area is cleaned on a daily basis.
12. Answer all tenants' complaints and provide solutions if needed.
13. Monthly report to owner with all the complaints and improvements needed.
14. Maid on call.

Muscat Home Real Estate looks for clients and occupants for a limited fee. And along with this, we also take care of all the commercial property available in the building and attend to the complaints.

Muscat Home Services & Real Estate will provide a technician, a carpenter, a plumber and air condition maintenance personnel. Our prices for any on demand jobs are very competitive and affordable with no hidden cost or unnecessary expenses and we offer a yearly contract for building maintenance as well.

We have been providing an integrated service to all our clients for several years with the help of technicians who are well qualified, clean, always in uniform with excellent communication skills and the right attitude. They make your life easy by managing all properties without any complaint or concern.

To vouch for our quality work, we can give references of our existing clients whether in commercial property, residential or villa in Muscat, Oman. We offer our services in Muscat areas such us:

a) Ruwi
b) Mutrah
c) Darsait
d) Ghala
e) Al Ansab
f) Al Hail
g) Al Khoudh
h) Bausher
i) Al Ghubrah
j) Al Azaibah
k) Al Khuwair
l) Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos
m) Al Qurum

We have you covered regarding the location or the distance in Muscat. All of our technicians are provided with cars, tools and whatever else they need to execute the job at the right time on an affordable cost.

For things which are not included in the contract, such as major plumbing issues or major pipe replacement, Muscat Home Services will also find alternative solutions from the many subcontractors that are under Muscat Home Real Estate arm. Muscat Home Services will make sure the contractor is qualified and charges the right price. All of these can be provided with a very limited fee.

Muscat Home Services and Real Estate is 100% Omani owned and managed. They know the market very well and never use their clients for personal gain.

Muscat Home also makes sure that all the technical equipments replaced are genuine, of good quality and within the budget.

Muscat Home Services and Real Estate believes that time is the most precious thing for their clients; therefore they are quick, responsive and always on time without compromising on quality.

Give us a call on 95031616, or fill the form and one of our representatives from Muscat Home Real Estate will get in touch with you, trust us you will never look back. Muscat Home Services and Real Estate believes the consumer comes first and then the product.

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