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Muscat Home Maid Agency is one of the leading maid agencies in Oman. We provide all kind of maids from the Philippines including:

● House Maids
● Caretakers
● Elderly care
● Home nurses
● Child care
● Cooks
● Babysitters
● Cleaners
● Home organizers
● Chefs

In addition to the above, we also provide a multitasking maid who can do most of the tasks listed above.

What are the requirements to get a Filipino maid?

● Salary certificate (house income should be above 350 Oman Rials).
● Maazooniya or letter of acceptance from the Ministry of Labour which can be processed in any Sanad Office (the cost is 140 Oman Rials and it is valid for 6 month).
● Visa which can be issued from the Royal Oman Police Visa Section.

How do we help you find a perfect Filipino maid?

Muscat Home Maid Agency can process all of the required paperwork on your behalf. Maid’s salary starts from 160 Oman Rials per Month as per Embassy of the Philippines’ Regulation.

There are a few procedures that need to be followed in the Philippines. We will process this paperwork on your behalf with no additional costs. These include:

● Registration with Philippines Overseas Employment Agency.
● Medical Check.
● Air Ticket.
● Passport issue fees.
● A three-day course needs to be taken in the Philippines so that the maid understands the rules & regulations and the methods of working abroad.

We will issue a two-year contract with the maid; services of the maid can be cancelled at any time within six months without any questions asked. Money can be returned to the client or a maid replacement can be provided at no additional costs.

Oman doesn’t provide for labour laws for maids, for example:

● Number of working hours.
● Medical insurance.
● Leave.
● Once a week day off.
● Bonus.
● End of contract benefit.

All of these benefits for Filipino maids are negotiable between the client and the maid. Muscat Home Maid Agency will help to write a contract for the benefit of both parties.

We recommend the following for our clients:

● Two-month vacation after completion of two years.
● Provide food.
● Provide accommodation.
● Pay all medical bills.
● Rest hours (negotiable).
● Once every two weeks, Friday day off (negotiable).

We provide Filipino maids from various places in the Philippines including;

• Manila
• Devao
• Caloocan
• Cebu
• Quezon
• Budta
• Taguig
• Pasig
• Las Pinas

And many more provinces from different places in the Philippines.

We provide both experienced and fresher maids. Experiences range from local experience, experience in Oman, GCC gulf region, Singapore, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia and many more. Let us know your requirements and we will provide you with the best services.

How does the process work?

After finalizing the paperwork with Sanad office which can be done by us on your behalf, you need to go through the list that we have for maid agents on our website. Once you make the selection, we will set a meeting via Zoom so you can ask any questions you might have and can interact with the candidate face to face. Our agent will oversee the interview and will also help you in the decision making.

Once a maid is selected, a 30% deposit fee needs to be paid either in cash or bank transfer in Oman or at out office in AL Khuwair. Once money is deposited the processing will start which takes 3 – 6 weeks. We will keep you updated in the development.

We provide maids to all corners in Oman including:

• Muscat
• Suhar
• Salalah
• Nizwa
• Sur
• Buraimi
• Ibra

And all parts of the Sultanate.

We at Muscat Home Maid Agency believe that selecting a maid is not an easy process. The maid will be part of the family taking care of the children and elderly, doing chores like cooking, cleaning and taking care of the house while you are at work or away. We provide the best maids available for the job in the Philippines, we interview them, and make sure that they are qualified and have the right experience to do the job.

We recommend the clients to go with a maid between the age of 30 – 40 years, with a bit of experience. Having experience in cooking is not necessary as she can learn the Arabic cuisine while her stay in Oman. The most important quality in a maid is her loyalty. Also, she should be willing to work at all times, should have a caring nature, good communication skills, be enthusiastic, non- complaining, motivated and self-guided, and we will make sure that the maid has all of these qualities and she suits all your requirements.

Our fee is according to the market value however we are different than other agencies, given our transparency, our dedication to excel in our work and our staff with excellent communication skills. We will provide you with the best that is there and we will make sure the transition to your home is easy and manageable.

What are you waiting for? Just fill the form and leave the rest on us.

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