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Procedure for getting a maid in Muscat, Oman


Muscat Home Employment and Maid Agency understands that adding a maid to your family is one of the key decisions a wife and a family has to make while living in Muscat. And for that, you need to have a proper understanding of the procedure for hiring a maid in Oman, not only because you need an efficient person as your house help but also to make sure that the integration is as easy as possible. The maid is a must for most families in Oman as running the household is almost impossible without a helping hand. One needs a domestic help in order to run a house smoothly because the helper can not only help with cooking, cleaning, ironing and babysitting but can also help in taking care of other important chores as well.

What are the government rules to hire a maid?

The Government has laid down clear procedures for hiring a maid in Oman and this responsibility has been entrusted with the Ministry of labour. Following are the regulations derived by the government:

• The right to hire a maid which is known in Arabic as Maazuniya can be processed at any Sanad office in Muscat. All you need is your ID, Salary certificate, or a labour card for non-Omani residents.

• A minimum salary of 350 Omani Rials per house-hold for one maid, 700 Omani Rials for two maids, 1500 Omani Rials for three maids and more than 3000 Omani Rials for four maids.

• There’s is a cap of 4 helpers in one household preventing your salary exceed 3000 Omani Rials, this includes maid, cook or driver.

• The Maazuniya costs 140 Oman Rials per maid or driver per request.

• The Sanad processing fee is around 10 - 20 Rials per applicant.

How can we help you with hiring a maid in Muscat?

Muscat Home Maid agency can help you process all of the required documents without any extra cost. Once the maazuniya is issued which usually takes less than 24 hours, you have to apply for a visa at the Oman Royal Police Immigrant Office by the old airport. There is also 30 Rials fee per applicant. We will also help you with that with a minimal cost.

Once all of this is done, we will inform the maid to start the procedure such as medical check-up, issuing of a passport if needed, registration with the government in the country of their origin. Salary may vary from person to person depending on experience and country of origin.

The reference starting salary based on Origin Country and experience is given below:

• Bangladesh - 80-90 OMR
• Ghana - 70-80 OMR
• India - 100-120 OMR
• Nigeria - 70-80 OMR
• Philippines - 160 OMR
• Sri Lanka - 120 OMR
• Tanzania - 120 OMR
• Uganda - 70-80 OMR

Salary range depends on experience, age of applicant, experience in the gulf, communication skills and the amount of work load. Muscat Home Maid Agency will advise you on the starting salary based on different criteria. If your budget is limited, we will recommend a house help from a country that will require less salary. Usually, the salary is fixed by the embassy of the country of origin. We recommend increasing the maid’s salary every two years by 5 – 10 percent, depending on performance, dedication and working load.

Muscat Home Maid Agent fee differs from country to country. The same may also change from month to month, depending on the country-of-origin fee, price of ticket, and other requirements. Please contact us to know the exact amount.

The procedures starting from the documentation, selection of a maid and procession of all the paper work requires 3 - 6 weeks, but we will do our best to minimize the time. Our dedicated team will always be in touch with the maid agency of the respective country of origin to accelerate the paperwork.

Muscat Home Employment and maid agency also recommends the following employment benefits but these are not compulsory:

● Medical insurance
● Two months paid leave after completing two years contract
● Once a week (Friday) break
● Proper resting hours

If the family is large then one maid will not be enough to do all the chores around the house, therefore we recommend to add an additional help if needed. We provide a six-month maid warranty, wherein you can cancel the services of the maid if you are not satisfied with the work within a period of six months, money will be credited to your account or we can provide you with another maid with no extra fee.

Muscat Home Maid Agency will arrange a phone call via zoom with the maid for all your queries and you can check whether the person suits your requirements specially her English communication skills before hiring. We also go through each maid’s resume or CV and make sure the one deployed to your home is one of the best candidates available.

We provide maids to all the places in Oman including Muscat, Sur, Quriyat, Nizwa, Suhar, Salalah, Ibri and many more. Muscat Home Maid agency is swift and boasts of an efficient staff with excellent communication skills. We make sure that all your queries are answered and give our clients a satisfactory service.

We have experience in deploying house maids in Oman with varying nationality, experience and qualifications. We work our best to find the perfect maid that suits your different requirements like a house help that can drive, speak Arabic language, cook and help you with any other work.

What you need to do is simply fill out the form with all the details such as your phone number and your requirements, and the rest will be taken care of by us.

Yes, it is that simple. One of our customer service and sales representative will get in touch with various candidates based on your request and we will recommend to you 3 – 5 candidates for a zoom face to face interview. We promise you the best customer service and experience in choosing the right house help for your family.

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