Properties & Building Contract in Muscat

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Properties & Building Contract in Muscat


There are many building maintenance organizations and companies in Muscat, Oman which cater for home, villa, building and commercial properties. So, what makes Muscat Home Services and Real Estate special?

a) Professionalism
b) Dedicated Staff
c) Experience
d) Excellent communication skills
e) Swift action
f) Always on time
g) Save you money
h) Efficiency
i) Book Keeping
j) Monthly report
k) Excellent billing
l) Excellent rapport
m) 100% Omani

We have been in operation across Muscat for various years and we have perfect solution and maintenance report.

Muscat Home Services offer various maintenance contracts on a daily/ weekly/ monthly and annual basis such as:

● Cleaning
● Plumbing issues & maintenance
● Electrical maintenance
● Watchmen
● Fire alarm
● Lift maintenance
● Electrical gate maintenance
● Water tanker cleaning
● Office boy

Muscat Home Services and Real Estate have various contract packages to suit all your needs. Just fill the enquiry form and our dedicated personnel will get in touch to answer all your needs and queries.

Still in doubt? Don’t be. Muscat Home Services and building maintenance contract will make life easy for you. Why look for a plumber at midnight, why look for an electrician in Muscat when your building, villa or property is out of electricity. Why rely on an unqualified technician?

Muscat Home Services and Real Estate building maintenance contract believes in preventive maintenance. As per contract, we can add monthly, quarterly checkout or any checkout that you might need. Muscat Home Services and building maintenance believes in prevention of any major issues in order to minimize future maintenance cost.

All of our management technical supervisors are Filipinos, highly qualified with at least 10 years of experience.

Muscat Home Real Estate and Services for building maintenance will dedicate a hotline number just for your building for all your queries. Our website is active 24 hours and any complaint can be also raised on our platform.

Our dedicated technical staff in Muscat are available for all your issues be it electrical, plumbing or air condition 24/7, 365 days a year.

We believe property is a major investment and that taking care of your investment is a must. It doesn’t matter if your property or building is new or old, we will work together to maintain it, in order to keep getting rental income and also to keep it ready if the same needs to go for sale in the future.

Our division of rental and selling property in Muscat will also promote your property on our various social media platforms in Oman and our easy to use, find a property in Muscat Home website for a small fee.

Muscat Home believes that our clients are most valuable therefore, their satisfaction is our topmost priority. We work towards customer satisfaction in order to ensure regular generation of revenue.

Our promise is very simple. We will look after your home, building or commercial property. We will fix anything on time with a limited cost. For example, we will make every effort to ensure that air condition is working properly before replacement recommendation.

Even if you are abroad or always out of Muscat, don’t worry, we will oversee your property, will manage it for you and even look for rental and keep it clean always, whether for long or short rental such as Airbnb.

Our customer service and support staff are trained to provide you with excellent support and feedback. They are passionate towards their job and very enthusiastic to help at any given time. We strive to serve you better whether you live in Muscat or abroad and we hope to hear from you soon.

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