Real Estate for Sale in Oman

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Real Estate for Sale in Oman


With the future unknown and the rise of expenses in Oman and the introduction of new taxation system such as income tax, VAT etc., this is the best time to invest in land in Oman. There is a possibility of devaluation of Omani Riyals in the near future to encourage exports and promote tourism. If this happens, people who tend to keep cash in their accounts will suffer and get hit the most. One of the alternatives is investing in real estate.

Muscat Home Real Estate is the leading real estate company in Oman in terms of consumer focus and dedication of their staff. Real Estate is always one of the safest investments whether in Oman or any other place abroad. For example- a land bought in Muscat 10 years ago is worth 5 - 10 times more in today’s money. The land also is a good inheritance for your children which they can use to build their houses in future. The land prices might fluctuate, but in Oman it is usually going upwards.

1) AL Khuwair
2) Al Qurum
3) Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos
4) Shatti Al Qurum
5) Ruwi
6) Darsait
7) Mutrah
8) AL Azaiba
9) Al Ghubrah

Muscat Home Real Estate recommends that if you have lands in these areas, it is better to keep it as future investment. Only if you are retired or desperately need the money and want to enjoy the remaining time in your life, we will help you find a buyer with excellent price and return of investment.

There are some other areas in Muscat where lands are still available and it is recommended to invest if you can. These areas have seen tremendous development in housing and infrastructure. Prices of land here range from 80 thousands Rials to 200 thousands Rials. The areas are:

a) Al Ansab
b) Bausher Height
c) Al Hail
d) Ghala
e) Al Mawaleh
f) Al Khoudh

There are other areas in Muscat which are located near the town and the lands here are available at affordable prices. We recommend this area for the consumer to buy it and keep it for the future use. Prices are in the range of 10,000 - 20,000 Oman Rials. These areas are:

(i) Al Amerat
(ii) Barka
(iii) Manuma
(iv) Al Hajir
(v) Fanja
(vi) Jafnain

Muscat Home Real Estate recommends taking a personal loan to invest in such land. The loans can be paid back in a 10-year window. However, we recommend looking for the best available bank loan. We can help you avoid any obstacles and recommend the best bank in town.

Farm lands, for example in Barka are also a good investment. The land here can be used to build a rest house with a swimming pool and a small playground which can be rented on a daily basis for 30 - 150 Riyals a night. Given the rising cost of travelling especially if you have a big family this could be an excellent idea to spend quality time in Muscat with the family. Such converted farms are available in the market. We can help you to find such a farm in a good location and will also help you to design it and recommend a good constructor to build it.

Another upcoming area in Oman is Suhar, where the port is located and there are various industrial developments such as a refinery and industrial warehouses. Price of land is in the range of 15,000 - 30,000 Rials for a 600-meter square land depending on location and proximity to infrastructure.

Muscat Home Real Estate also recommends Salalah which is located in southern Oman. Salalah is famous for its excellent weather throughout the year especially during the monsoon season and in the summers. It is an excellent tourist attraction for local and GCC citizens. An investment in this area in the form of a small house or farm is an excellent idea as the same can be rented during the peak season with excellent returns. Prices of land range from 15,000 - 80,000 Rials. The government of Oman is pushing tourism in Salalah and planning to invest in infrastructure and hotels in the near future.

Whatever your budget is, whether your aim is to rent out or to keep a property for yourself, we will help you all through the way. Muscat Home Real Estate will help you finding the right property in excellent locations whether in Muscat or other cities in Oman; residential, commercial property or even a farm. Our dedicated staff with excellent communication silks and zeal is always there to help you.

Just fill out the form with all your requirements like budget, location etc., and we will get back to you with various options as early as possible. With Muscat Home Real Estate, you will never look for another agent. We will keep you covered and protect you at all costs from any scam.

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